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Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Course: Diploma

Duration: 3 Year

Career Scope

Graduates of the DMLT Course have various opportunities in both private and public sectors. It has various specializations to offer its candidates such as: Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Radiology, etc.


A diploma holder in Medical Laboratory Technology may be employed in the following organizations:

Government Hospitals/Private Hospitals/ Primary Health Centres/Private Nursing Homes/Private Diagnostic Centres/Clinics/National Institute of Communicable diseases

Medical Colleges/Dental Colleges (Clinical Laboratories) Medical Research Laboratories/Reference laboratories/R&D biotechnology Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Firms ( analytical kits, instruments etc)


Become an Amenant

Lab Assistant

Health Care Assistant

Lab Technology Analyst

Medical Coder

Medical Laboratory Technician

Health and Safety Analyst

Technical Lab Analyst

Technical Assistant


Based on employment opportunities for diploma holders in Medical Laboratory Technology, following competency profile is arrived at:

1. Knowledge about basic anatomical structure of human body and physiological functions.

2. Awareness of different laboratory hazards and safety precautions during sample collections and laboratory investigations and biological waste management.

3. Ability to collect, prepare, transport and preserve clinical samples such as blood, urine, stool, sputum, swabs etc and carry out laboratory investigations for diagnostic purposes.

4. Knowledge and skill of operating, handling, care and preventive maintenance of various types of laboratory equipment (routine and sophisticated).

5. Knowledge about the procurement of laboratory equipment, glasswares/plastic wares, chemicals and reagents for laboratory investigations.

6. Knowledge of reference values for various types of clinical investigations and ability to ensure quality assurance as per national standards

7. Knowledge about lab management and record keeping.

8. Ability to make use of computer for information storage and retrieval pertaining to laboratory investigations.

9. Knowledge of automation in Medical Laboratory Technology.

10. Understanding importance of communication skills, human relations, professional ethics, environmental education, medico legal aspects in the field of medical lab technology.

11. Ability of self-learning and independent thinking for solving problems related to the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.

12. Understanding of basic principles of management of manpower, material and resources for their optimum utilization and effectiveness.

13. Ability to communicate effectively in the world of work.

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