Future of Education: The new Era of Technology

With the rise of covid, everyone thought education had become critical and more uncertain. Thanks to digital media today, the education sector completing 10+2 has boomed with many E-learning platforms.

With virtual platforms and tools, education is becoming accessible, engaging, and time effective. Courses like computer science, programming machine learning, and artificial intelligence is trending. But do you know India has a total of 4,151 colleges for Engineering and only 40% of the students get a job after getting a degree or diploma in as per the career India survey in 2018? And in recent years the graph of unemployment is going up

The future of education is driven by technology and the digital medium as we are living in a world of automation, AI, and machine learning, but it comes with a significant drawback.

With so many institutes/colleges, students are confused about what to choose. Indiastand-alone has overall 42 thousand colleges and still counting. So, it's very important to chooseacollege or institute that provides quality education with the latest machine-driven technology and makes an individual not only educated in terms of skill-based learning with the latest trend but also improves ethical and cultural learning for social growth.

Today college like the Hindustan Institute of technology & management (HITM) approved by AICTE are putting their best efforts to match the standards of this digitally booming industry by offering Diploma courses in C.S, Civil and Mechanical Engineering as well as DMLT.

Established in Dec 2007 in Ambala, Haryana by Shree Jagdamba Education and Charitable trust, this college ensures a healthy environment for the overall growth of an individual andprovides remarkable placements in recent years, with companies like HCL, L&T, CISCO, and much more to strengthen the backbone of employment in India.

Although the future of education lies in advanced technology and global connection via the internet, one should not forget that schools and universities are structured not only for skilled-based education but also for mental and sociological enhancements. Currently, education is a combination of online and offline contexts, but the future holds content with smart-edge technology using not only robotic but physical and neural signals for teaching. Education is evolution and evolution is the growth that comes with discipline. Does this new form of virtual internet-based education provide practical and disciplined knowledge? We still have years to see.